Learn More About the Carmel Clay Schools Referendum

In November 2023, Carmel Clay Schools will ask voters to renew the operating referendum. Learn more about the CCS referendum, how it helps our students, and how it may affect you on the official website for the schools below.

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Quick Facts

  • This is NOT a new tax – this is a renewal of the existing referendum at the exact
    same rate that has been in place since 2017
  • The funds provided by the operating referendum make up nearly 20% of the
    annual budget for salaries, benefits, and educational programming.
  • Without these funds, almost $24 Million would have to be cut from the budget. The
    only way to do this is to cut teachers – resulting in larger class sizes, less
    educational programming, and a lower quality of education for our children.
  • Carmel’s greatest assets is our schools – if we allow the quality of our schools to
    drop, that will result in lower property values.
  • Money from this referendum only goes to the CCS Education Fund – meaning that it
    has a direct effect on the classroom and students.
  • Even with the referendum, Carmel will continue to have the lowest school tax rate
    in Hamilton County.

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