Frequently Asked Questions

NO – this is a renewal of the current Operating Referendum that has been in place since 2017. The
rate stays the same as it has been and will stay the same for the next 8 years.

Referendum funds are used exclusively to supplement the CCS Education Fund. This means the
funds provide competitive compensation and benefits for teachers and staff, as well as
educational programming for students. The funds can not be used for building projects or
operational expenses.

If this does not pass, nearly $24 Million would have to be cut from the budget. There is no way to
do this without reducing the number of teachers and staff, resulting in larger class sizes and less
educational programming.

There is no tax increase with this referendum – it is a renewal of the existing rate of $0.19 per $100
of assessed value. Carmel Clay Schools has provided a calculator that can be found at

One of Carmel’s greatest assets is our schools, and it’s an important part of ensuring that property
values in the city stay high. If the referendum does not pass, it will drastically affect the quality of
education, meaning that property values are likely to drop over time.

Schools are not immune to the effects of inflation and growth. Additionally, it’s important that we
remain competitive in the salaries and benefits we offer teachers and staff. While it’s hard to
predict the economics of the next 8 years, this renewal will provide much needed financial
stability for Carmel Clay Schools over that time period.

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